Eye Care

Eye Care

Proper eye care is important to prevent or reduce vision problems. Sight is one of your most important senses because your eyes allow you to communicate with the world around you. The sooner you can detect and treat eye diseases, the better chance you have of maintaining healthy vision.

Browse through our broad selection of articles and topics on to learn how your eyes work, how to take good care of them and gain a better understanding of the various conditions and diseases that can affect them.

General Eye Care

Browse through some basic tips and advice on how to keep your eyes healthy and make sure that you will be seeing your best.

Common Eye Conditions

Browse through basic informative articles on the most common eye disorders related to the focusing ability of your eyes.

Diseases of the Eye

Browse through our list of articles about dozens of eye diseases. Get the basics about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Contact Lens Information

Contact lenses are medical devices that, when placed on the eye can correct shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Lens Enhancements

Demonstrations that showcase some of the various specialized addons that can be applied to spectacle lenses.